Mong Tseng Wai Village Temple, New Territories, Hong Kong
... or a bicycle ride through the wetlands, villages and new towns of Hong Kong's northwestern New Territories.

Unavoidably, the ride starts with a 20-minute crossing of Yuen Long’s housing and industrial estates, most of which will be on bicycle paths.
Soon, however, we emerge into the open as we make our way along a series of fish pond dikes. The road is rough, but we will be bringing a
puncture repair kit.…  While you should look out for pot holes, you mustn’t forget to check out the bird life. Recent sightings include the Black-
capped Kingfisher, Cormorants, White Wagtails and Crested Mynas.

Beyond the ponds we reach the Border Fence.  While it should keep out illegal immigrants, it will also prevent us from crashing into the
mangroves along the Shan Pui River.  Sadly, it also kind of spoils the view a little, but we can always look to the other side, where egrets,
herons and other
wetland birds hang out.

Turning away from the fence, we have to conquer a short steep hill to join Deep Bay Road. At the top of the hill, we enjoy an uninterrupted view
of the mainland Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen. Then, it is generally downhill to Lau Fau Shan, famous for its seafood restaurants and
thriving oyster industry. Before we get that far, however, we will turn off to visit a couple of old villages where new buildings mix effortlessly
with really ancient ones.

We pause for lunch at Lau Fau Shan, but though we begin our return journey here, the day is far from over. After lunch, we first follow a
narrow path along the mangrove and oyster-shell clad waterfront. Then, we tackle a few short knolls to reach the remote
Ling To Monastery.

After a pleasant descent, we reach Ha Tsuen. A
(formerly) walled village that is now surrounded by container storage yards, but which still
retains a number of historic buildings worth our time.

Next, we head for the Ping Shan Heritage Trail. This trail links a number of traditional Chinese structures providing the curious with an
opportunity to recapture aspects of life in the New Territories in the old days. Unique monuments along the trail include the Tsui Sing Lau
Pagoda (Hong Kong's only ancient pagoda), the Tang Ancestral Hall and Sheung Cheung Wai (a walled village).

Our day ends with a brief ride along bicycle paths into the centre of Yuen Long from where comfortable busses depart every few minutes to
Kowloon and Hong Kong island.
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Fish ponds north of Yuen Long and mangrove-clad shore at Tsim Bei Tsui...
Oysterboat at Lau Fau Shan and wading birds at Tsim Bei Tsui...
Becky and an egret...
... exploring Hong Kong's other side...
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Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
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Ride Summary
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34.5 km
3 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 180 metres
Loss: 180 metres
incl. bicycle rental
Highest Point:
50 metres
Time Spent on Trail:
5.75 hours
Cycling: 4.25 hours + Breaks: 1.5 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
10:00 am
at Yuen Long Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
4:00 pm
in Yuen Long
Price for this ride as a Private Event on request
  or 4:45 pm  
in Kowloon / on Hong Kong Island.
Food & Drink:
Lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Lau Fau Shan (18 km) - not included.
Refreshments at Ha Tsuen (26 km) -
not included.
Note 1:
Where possible, we ride on dedicated bicycle paths, but most of this tour will be along quiet rural back roads and
narrow concrete footpaths. There will, however, be a short stretch along a fairly busy main road.
Note 2:
As it is NOT possible to rent helmets, gloves and other accessories, you are invited bring your own, should you
require such.
Note 3:
Check out the Wetlands, New Towns & Heritage Trails for a shorter version of this ride.
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Hansen's Hikes & Rides has decided to
SUSPEND all operations until further notice.

Apologizing for any inconvenience caused,
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