Hansen’s bicycle rides explore a great number of areas and landscapes which might otherwise be inaccessible or hard to find. The routes
include visits to
wetlands in the northwestern New Territories, villages and farmland north of Tai Po, and shores of the great eastern bays.

Bicycles, Helmets, Clothing and Other Equipment

Bicycles: Having no bicycles of our own, Hansen’s Hikes & Rides rent the required bikes from a shop near the meeting place. Thus, normally,
your bike would be a well-used basic 26” 18-speed mountain-hybrid, though more rudimentary types of bicycles are also available.

You would be able to adjust the saddle height, but everything else is fixed in position. Note also that these bikes have no mud-guards, so be
prepared to get a little dirty, if the surface is wet. The Yuen Long and University bicycles will have a bottle-holder….

You are most welcome to bring your own bicycle, should you so desire. A discount of will be offered to anyone bringing their own wheels.

Note: That we use mountain-hybrids has, generally, less to do with the terrain than with bike availability. Our rides are mostly on paved
surfaces, such as bicycle tracks, quiet back roads and narrow village footpaths, though some rides do include bumpy stretches along gravel
/ dirt paths, especially those entering the country parks.
Michael Hansen
for more information about our bicycle rides.
We welcome your suggestions for the next rides, so here is a list of routes currently available:
Becky's Bikes & Birds - Week-day
Becky's Bikes & Birds - Week-end
Cheung Chau By Bike
Double Tour de Tolo
Tour de Tolo
Giro del Norte - Clockwise
Giro del Norte - Anti-Clockwise
Great Sha Tin Bicycle Ride
Northern River Valleys
Northwestern Border Country - Week-day
Northwestern Border Country - Week-end
Plover Cove Duathlon
Rivers, Fish Ponds & Heritage
Yuen Kam Nam Circuit
# Southern Tolo Bicycle Tour - Week-days Only
# Tai Lam By Bike
Vuelta de Tai Kam
Tour de Tai Fan Kam
Western New Territories - Week-day
Western New Territories - Week-end
Wetlands, New Towns & Heritage Trails - Week-day
Wetlands, New Towns & Heritage Trails - Week-end
Yuen Long Heritage Ride
Bicycle paths run along both sides of the Shing Mun River
The quiet shaded road through Plover Cover Country Park
A village path on the shores of Three Fathoms Cove
# Bicycle helmet is mandatory for this ride....
Klik her for at få det hele på dansk....
Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
Helmets: Only on rides entering the Hong Kong country parks is it a requirement that you wear a crash helmet. Nonetheless, and though we
spend most of our time way out in the country, we do recommend all riders to wear a helmet on all our rides as an extra safety precaution.

You should note that, partly because they are not mandatory and partly for hygiene reasons, it is
NOT possible to hire helmets in Hong Kong,
so you would need to bring your own, should you require one. Most of the rental shops do carry a small selection of helmets for sale, but we
can't guarantee they will have one that suits you....

Shoes: The bikes we rent do not have clips, so sneakers or even Teva-type sandals would be the best footwear.

Others: Other than sun-screen, sun-glasses, hat/cap and insect repellent, we suggest bringing a small towel and an extra shirt. The very
efficient air-conditioning on Hong Kong's trains and buses can be harmful to your health when wearing wet clothes...

On certain rides, you might be able to get a basket for your stuff, but this might impact your bicycle's handling. Should you settle for just a
back pack, please be reminded that you will have to wear it for up to 5 hours, so pack lightly...

Finally, but most importantly, you must remember to bring something to drink as the high humidity levels in Hong Kong increase the risk of
dehydration and subsequent heatstroke dramatically, especially on hot summer days. Our rides do usually pass many small stores, but we  
recommend that everybody brings at least one bottle of liquids per person.


All distances quoted are in kilometres. 1 kilometre = 0.62 miles.


At Hansen's Rides we rate the level of difficulty of our bicycle rides on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the easiest and 10 the most difficult.

Rides rated
1, 2 and 3 are categorised as easy. This indicates that the route offers a relaxed ride with few, if any, inclines of significance.
Suitable for novices and families.

Rides rated
4, 5 and 6 are categorised as moderate. This means that the route is more difficult and, usually, longer than those of the easy
rides, but that most people can manage the entire route without getting too exhausted. The itinerary would rarely involve heights of more than
150 metres.

Rides rated
7 and 8 are categorised as challenging, while rides rated 9 and 10 are deemed to be hard. This indicates that a certain stamina or
fitness levels is required and that they might be unsuitable for novices and/or people suffering from vertigo. A bicycle ride might be rated as a
7, 8, 9, or 10 due to its length or the amount of effort and fitness required to complete the entire outing. Surface quality and the steepness of
inclines and descents are also taken into consideration.

Approximate Altitude Change

These numbers indicate the (approximate) total altitude gained and lost during the outing.

Being the total sum of all the peaks, crests, dips and valleys encountered during a ride, the numbers are only an indication of the terrain we
might encounter. The numbers do not necessarily reflect the steepness of our route. Some rides might include only one steep and high hill,
while others would contain numerous low sloping inclines and descents, yet they might both reach the same total amount of altitude gained
or lost.

Highest Point

This number indicates the height above sea-level of the highest physical point along the route.


All prices are quoted per person on a join-in tour and in Hong Kong dollars based on a minimum of 5 participants per event. Should the
number of participants on a hike be less than 5, the price might change. However, all prices are guaranteed not to change after you have
received your confirmation of booking from us.
Standard Merida bicycle for rides out of Yuen Long...
Standard Veloce bicycle for rides out of Yuen Long...
Standard Zeta bicycle for rides out of Yuen Long...
Examples of standard bicycles. At some locations, more modern bicycles might be available...
... exploring Hong Kong's other side...
Hansen's Rides
by Hansen's Events
Participants on all Hansen's Events' hikes and rides take part entirely at their own risk. By joining any of our events all participants are
automatically seen to have agreed to have entered into a disclaimer which exonerates the outing leaders and the organizers from any
personal or public responsibility whatsoever and for any claims, injuries or damages arising thereof.
Due to work commitments, holidays and other personal matters,
Hansen's Hikes & Rides has decided to
SUSPEND all operations until further notice.

Apologizing for any inconvenience caused,
we hope to partially resume our outings towards the end of the year.