Hansen's hikes range from easy walks on remote islands, such as Tung Ping Chau or Po Toi, via coastal walks like High Island Reservoir
East or the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, to challenging hikes up the Hong Kong mountains, e.g. Pat Sin Leng or Castle Peak.

Footwear, Clothing and Other Equipment

All Hansen's Hikes can be done in ordinary sneakers with a good grip, but we do not recommend wearing tennis shoes or Teva style sandals
on our hikes. They would be more appropriate on our
Bicycle Rides or Photo Shoots. Unless you need the extra ankle support, it has been our
experience that proper hiking boots generally are comfortable only on walks taking place from December through February.

Other than sun-screen, sun-glasses, hat/cap and insect repellent, you should also seriously consider bringing a shirt or even a full change of
clothes, especially on hikes offering the opportunity for a swim.  The combination of wet clothes and the very efficient air-conditioning on
Hong Kong trains and buses can be hazardous to your health...

A hiking stick could also come in handy on some of the steeper slopes.

Finally, but most importantly, you must remember to bring plenty to drink as the high humidity levels in Hong Kong increase the risk of
dehydration and subsequent heatstroke dramatically, especially on hot summer days. A
minimum of 1.5 litres per person is recommended,
half a litre of which should be an electrolyte/ion replacement drink, such as Pocari Sweat, Gatorade, Lucosade or Green Power. Experience
has shown that - even in copious amounts - bottled distilled water alone just doesn’t do the trick. However, diluted fruit juice or cordial would
also work.…


All distances quoted are in kilometres.  1 kilometer = 0.62 miles.


The difficulty level of all Hansen's Hikes are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the easiest and 10 the most difficult.

Hikes rated
1, 2 or 3 are categorized as being “easy.” This indicates that the route offers a relaxed walk with few, if any, inclines of
significance. Suitable for novices and families.

Hikes rated
4, 5 or 6 are categorized as being “moderate.” This means that the route is more difficult and, usually, longer than those of the
easy rides, but still within the endurance and capability of most walkers.The itinerary would rarely involve heights of more than 400 metres.

Hikes rated
7 or 8 are categorized as being “difficult” while hikes rated 9 or 10 are deemed “strenuous." This indicates that a certain
stamina and fitness level is required and that the route might be unsuitable for people suffering from vertigo or with a restricted sense of
balance. A hike might be rated as a 7, 8, 9, or 10 due to its length or because it involves elevations over 400 metres and/or tough walking. The
surface of the trail and the amount of stairs to be climbed as well as the steepness of inclines and descents are also taken into
consideration. These hikes are not recommended for novice hikers.

Approximate Altitude Change

These numbers indicate the (approximate) total altitude gained and lost during the outing.

Being the total sum of all the peaks, crests, dips and valleys encountered during a walk, the numbers are only an indication of the terrain we
might encounter. The numbers do not necessarily reflect the steepness of our route. Some hikes might include only one steep, high hill with
many steps to conquer, while others would contain numerous low sloping inclines and descents, yet they might reach the same total amount
of altitude gained or lost.

Highest Point

This number indicates the height above sea-level of the highest physical point along the route.


All prices are quoted per person on a join-in tour and in Hong Kong dollars based on a minimum of 5 participants per event. Should the
number of participants on a hike be less than 5, the price might change. However, all prices are guaranteed not to change after you have
received your confirmation of booking from us.
Michael Hansen
for more information about our hikes.
Hansen's Hikes
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Special Hikes
MacLehose Trail Challenge
Lantau Week-end
Wilson Trail Challenge
Participants on all Hansen's Events' hikes and rides take part entirely at their own risk. By joining any of our events all participants are automatically seen to
have agreed to have entered into a disclaimer which exonerates the outing leaders and the organizers from any personal or public responsibility whatsoever
and for any claims, injuries or damages arising thereof.
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Here is a list of our currently available hikes:
Backwaters, Buddhas, Beaches & Boerewors
Beach Bumming
Beach Bumming - Sundays
Beneath Tai Mo Shan
Woodlands of Tai Mo Shan
Castle Peak Traverse
Chi Ma Wan Peninsula
City to Sea
Cloudy Hill
Reservoirs, Woodlands & Uplands
The Dragon's Back - Downhill
The Dragon's Back - Uphill
The Dragon's Back - The Loop
The Eastern Hills
Saddle Mountain
The Eastern Ridge
Egrets, Fish Ponds & Waterfalls
Emma's Ridge
Fan Lau
Fantastic Panoramas & Fabulous Dumplings
High Junk Peak
Hong Kong Island Traverse
Lamma Island
Southern Lamma Island
Lantau Peak
Lantau South Country Park
Luk Wu Plateau & Chek Keng Bay
Monkey, Needle & Grassy Hills
Serenity, Simians & Singhas
Needle Hill & Grassy Hill
Grassy Hill
Northeastern Exposure - Week-days
Northeastern Exposure - Week-ends
Northeastern Ghost Towns - Week-days
Northeastern Ghost Towns - Week-ends
Northern Lantau
Pat Sin Leng
Beyond Pat Sin Leng
The Peaks of Lantau
Peng Chau & Cheung Chau
Peng Chau & East Lantau
Plover Cove Country Park
Plover Cove Country Park - The Gentle Way
Po Toi Island - Week-days
Po Toi Island - Saturdays
Rough Trails, Reservoirs & Rendang
Rough Trails, Reservoirs & Railways
Sai Kung Coastal Hike
High Island Reservoir - East
South of the High Island Reservoir
Southern Tai Lam Country Park
Southwestern Highlands
Keung Shan & Tai O
Stilt Houses, Airplanes & Dolphins
Sunset Peak - Westwards
Sunset Peak - Eastwards
Tai Lam Country Park - Northwards
Tai Lam Country Park - Southwards
Tai Lam Country Park - Southeastwards
Tai Lam Country Park - Westwards
Tai Mo Shan
Tai Mo Shan & Grassy Hill
Tai To Yan
Tiger Canyon
Tolo Harbour Tour
Tolo Harbour Tour - Abbridged
Tung Ping Chau