Though most of our outings explore Hong Kong's greener sides, its bustling cityscape also hides many
interesting sights. In as far as possible, we stay far away from the shopping malls and the skyscrabers to
concentrate on the history of the country and the daily life of ordinary people as we visit temples, churches and
other historical buildings as well as busy street markets. However, there will be a main focus on Hong Kong's
darker and less glamourous sides as our Urban Hikes tend to explore crime scenes, gangster hang outs and
breeding grounds. You will learn about murders and murderers, assassinations, serial rapists, prostitution,
triads, police gone bad, politics and much, much more.

Most Urban Hikes will take place in the afternoon and on week-ends, but there will also be the occasional
week-day and morning stroll. All will be carried out at a leisurely pace but might last up to 5 hours, though we will
break for occasional refreshments en route....

A minimum of just 5 confirmed participants is required for an Urban Hike to go ahead.

Details of the next Urban Hike will follow shortly....
We welcome your suggestions for the next Urban Hike, so see below for a list of available routes:
The KCR Pub Crawl
Murder and Mayhem in Kowloon
Murder, Markets, Manufacturing & Mai Tais
Tycoons & Triads, Temples & Tenements, Temptation & Titilation
Western Hong Kong Island
Hansen's Urban Hikes
by Hansen's Events
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Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
... exploring Hong Kong's other side...
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personal or public responsibility whatsoever and for any claims, injuries or damages arising thereof.