Aberdeen          香港仔
Aberdeen is an old harbour on the southern side of Hong Kong island. It was re-named, in 1845, after the British Secretary of State for
War and the Colonies, George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen. Competing with Cheung Chau and Shau Kei Wan in the race to
be Hong Kong’s largest fishing harbour, Aberdeen is also famous to tourists for the boat people living in the harbour and the floating
seafood restaurants such as the Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Aberdeen is known indigenously as Heung Kong Tsai or Hong Kong Tsai (香港仔), which means Hong Kong Minor. It is believed that
Aberdeen is where the name of Hong Kong (more accurate transcription, Heung Kong) originates. Heung Kong Tsuen (香港村, Hong
Kong village) on Ap Lei Chau was mentioned on Ming Dynasty maps. Another walled-village, Heung Kong Wai in Wong Chuk Hang,
was also founded during the Qianlong era of Qing Dynasty. Heung Kong means Fragrant Harbour, where incense trees (Aquilaria
sinensis) from the New Territories were transferred here for export to other cities in China.

Hansen’s Hikes is happy to arrange guided tours of Aberdeen, neighbouring Ap Lei Chau island and other south Hong Kong
destinations that include an exploration of the harbour in one of the traditional sampans.
Contact us for further arrangements.
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Aberdeen as seen from the Hong Kong Trail in June 2006
Aberdeen by night as viewed from Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong
Ocean Court on Aberdeen Praya Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
as viewed from the Hong Kong Trail
  Aberdeen by night.
Viewed from Ap Lei Chau
  Ocean Court
Aberdeen Praya Road, Aberdeen
Traditionally clad ladies peeling shrimps on pier at Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
Floating fruit stall, Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
Old fishing boats in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
Peeling Shrimps
  Floating Fruit Stall
Aberdeen Harbour
  Old fishing boats in Aberdeen Harbour
This small temple used to be right at the waters edge. Now it is in the middle of a street in the centre of Aberdeen.
Display of hardware shop in Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Hardware shop, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Street Temple
  Hardware Shop
Fish laid out to dry on the Aberdeen waterfront
Drying salty fish on his fishing boat in Aberdeen Harbour
Water feature on the Aberdeen Waterfront Promenade
Drying Fish
Aberdeen Waterfront
  Small fishing boat
with fish hung up to dry
  Aberdeen Waterfront Promenade
Typical Hong Kong fishing boats
Fishing vessels in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter during the Lunar New Year
Fishing vessels in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter during the Lunar New Year
Aberdeen Harbour
during the summer fishing ban
  Aberdeen Harbour
during the Lunar New Year
  Aberdeen Harbour
during the Lunar New Year
An oldfashioned fishing boat in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
Dragon Boat races are held every year on the Tuen Ng holiday
An assortment of small vessels in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong
Oldfasfioned fishing boat
Aberdeen Harbour
  Dragon Boat Racing
Aberdeen Harbour
  Boats in the harbour
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