Tai Sang Wai Fish Pond    大生圍塘魚
In Hong Kong aquaculture includes marine fish culture, pond fish culture and oyster culture. In 2010 production from the
aquaculture sector was 3,822 tonnes and was valued at $180 million which was 2.2% in weight and 7.9% in value of the total
fisheries production.

Pond Fish Culture

The pond fish culture industry is centred in the north-west New Territories. Fish ponds are either freshwater or brackish.

In 2010, the local inland ponds, covering an area of approximately 1,109 ha, produced 2,190 tonnes of freshwater fish amounting
to $54 million. About 92% of the farms are engaged in polyculture (bighead carp, grass carp, common carp and silver carp in
combination with tilapia or grey mullet). The remaining 8% practise monoculture of carnivorous species such as giant groupers,
seabreams and spotted scat in brackish fish ponds near to the coastline. Majority of the fry and fingerlings are imported from
the Mainland and Taiwan. Some of the grey mullet fry may also be caught in local coastal waters. Traditionally, fry are stocked in
early spring and most fish species reach marketable size in eight to twelve months.
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Fish pond at Tai Sang Wai near Yuen Long in Hong Kong's northwestern New Territories
Tai Sang Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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