Stanley Post Office           赤柱郵政局
The Stanley Post Office was opened in 1937 and is now Hong Kong's oldest post office still in service in its original
building. The post office itself is single-storey with a pitched roof supported on timber trusses and boards. It has little
decoration except for the ornamental window grilles with the ‘GR' (George Rex) insignia on them. As the post office had not
undergone any major changes over the past seventy years, renovation works became necessary in order to extend its
serviceable life. This restoration work was also part of Hong Kong Post Office's programme of celebrations for its 70th

The main theme of the restoration work was to preserve and reinstate the original characteristics of the post office and to
keep it as a "time capsule of postal history". The renovation works began in July 2007 and were completed three months

The main exterior restoration works included:
- Reinstalling an original manual stamp vending machine and cast iron post box bearing the royal cipher of King George VI.
- Refurbishing the original window grilles with the GR insignia.
- Replacing the waterproofing on the roof
- Restoring a ceramic signage panel with hand writing,
- Paving the surrounding outdoor area and installing a ramp at the main entrance to assist the disabled.
- Providing tree rings for the existing trees

The main interior restoration works included:
- Reconstructing the counters with security grilles to resemble its appearance in the 1930s.
- Removing the PVC floor tiles to expose the original terrazzo floor beneath.
- Removing the false ceiling to reveal the wooden trusses and boards of the original roof structure.
- Reinstalling exposed timber panelling to match the original interior design.

Although small, this building has an interesting heritage and has contributed over the years to the special charm of Stanley
village. Today it lives on, not only as an attractive tourist attraction but also, and most importantly, as a functioning post
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No. 2 Wong Ma Kok Road, Stanley, Hong Kong Island
Built in 1937, the post office is the oldest post office in use as such in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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