Hansen's Photo Gallery
A very young calf that got a bit too far away from its mother...
Terrapin spotted on dirt trail deep inside Tai Lam Chung Country Park
Photo taken at Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong island
Lai Chi Wo, Plover Cove Country Park
Tai Lam Country Park
  Little Egret
Egretta garzetta
Butterfly resting on view compass atop Lantau Peak (934m).
Red-base Jezebel feasting on Lantana
Large Faun on gravel path near Pui O on Lantau Island
Lantau Peak, Lantau Island
  Ha Pak Nai, New Territories
  Pui O, Lantau Island
Still carrying evidence of his spa treatment, this buffalo greeted us as we passed Shap Long village at Chi Ma Wan Bay.
Posing lizard in high grasses along stage 3 of the Wilson Trail
Sunset Peak, Lantau Island
  Bufalo (Bubalus bubalus)
Shap Long, Chi Ma Wan, Lantau
Wilson Trail near Lei Yue Mun
Posing lizard on a garden fence in Sai Wan village, Sai Kung
Cute little fella hiding with 5 or 6 equally adorable siblings in abandonned house in old Hakka village of Lai Chi Wo within Plover Cove Country Park in the New Territories.
Sai Wan, Sai Kung Country Park
Lai Chi Wo, New Territories
Tiny Bamboo Snake spotted beside trail on Coloane Island, Macau.
A member of Hong Kongs thriving monkey population.
Praying Mantis spotted on path along northern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Bamboo Snake
Coloane Island, Macau
  Monkey, Rhesus macaque
Kowloon Reservoirs, New Territories
  Praying Mantis
Lantau Island
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