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The New Star Ferry Pier in Central

Plying across the heart of Victoria
Harbour, the ferry service in its early days
charged five cents per person. Though a
little higher now, the fare is still
comparatively inexpensive when
considering other methods of cross-
harbour transportation and provide the
cheapest possible harbour cruise.

From the original four single-deck vessels
propelled by a single coal-fired boiler, the
ferry fleet has evolved to comprise twelve
double-decker diesel-electric vessels.
The two newest, the 750-seat “Golden
Star” and “World Star” accommodate
have an air-conditioned upper deck cabin.

The “Star” Ferry Company Limited
operates the following two routes:

Central – Tsim Sha Tsui
Wan Chai – Tsim Sha Tsui
LIMITED (First Ferry) is jointly owned by
Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited and
NWS Holdings Limited ("NWS Holdings").
NWS Holdings Limited, the infrastructure
and service flagship of New World
Development Company Limited,
embraces a diversified range of
businesses in Hong Kong, Mainland China
and Macau.

First Ferry commenced its service in early
2000 and now operates five routes of
outlying and inner harbour ferry services:

Central - Cheung Chau
Central - Mui Wo
Inter Islands (Peng Chau - Lantau -
Cheung Chau)
North Point - Hung Hom
North Point - Kowloon City

Upon service commencement in 2000,
First Ferry invested HK$150 million to
acquire 15 vessels and auxiliary assets.
First Ferry further invested over HK$130
million to acquire a new fleet of eight
high-speed catamarans. With the
capacity to comfortably accommodate
200 to 400 passengers, each of the new
double-deck catamaran is capable of
reaching a maximum speed of 26 knots.
The new high-speed catamarans are
earmarked to provide luxurious and
comfortable sea voyage for passengers
with the latest navigational aids and
vessel facilities.
New World First Ferry - MV Xin Guo
NWFF MV Xin Xing. Typical interior of ordinary class on NWFF triple-deck ferry
NWFF MV Ming Ho. This ferry serves the inter-island route between Cheung Chau, Lantau and Peng Chau islands.
NWFF. This small ferry serves the route between Hong Kong Island and the island of Peng Chau.
NWFF MV First Ferry V. Catamatrans are used for the Fast Ferry services between Hong Kong island and the outlying islands of Lantau and Cheung Chau.
Larger High-Speed Catamarans serve the route between Hong Kong and Macau.
Since its establishment in June 1998,
has been dedicated to the
development of ferry transportation and
become one of the leading licensed ferry
companies in Hong Kong . Although its
business at first was limited to the route
between Central and Tsuen Wan, HKKF
innovatively became the first ferry
company to use catamarans within the
waters of Hong Kong. When the Hong
Kong government opened the ferry
market for public bidding to end a
monopoly situation and improve service
quality, HKKF successfully won the
license to operate ferry routes between
Central and Lamma Island.  With the
expansion of rail and bus networks, the
Tsuen Wan route has been cancelled, but
HKKF recently took over the frnachise for
the ferry service between Central and
Peng Chau island.

Thus the HKKF now operates the
following three routes:

Central - Lamma (Yung Shue Wan)
Central - Lamma (Sok Kwu Wan)
Central -  Peng Chau
HKKF MV Sea Splash. Central - Lamma Ordinary Ferry
HKKF. Central - Lamma Fast Ferry
HKKF MV Sea Supreme. Central - Lamma Fast Ferry
HKKF MV HF1. Aberdeen - Lamma Ferry
operates the ferry service between
Central and the new town of Discovery
Bay on Lantau island, through its
subsiderary "
Discovery Bay
Transporatation Services Limited."
Central - Discovery Bay Ferry
Central - Discovery Bay Ferry
The ferry serving the Tuen Mun - Tai O route
Fortune Ferry MV Ming Wai. Serves the routes North Point - Kwun Tong and North Point - Po Toi Island
Chuen Kee MV Hoi Hong 8 - near Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island
Chuen Kee ferry at Sok Kwu Wan (Lamma) pier
MV Tsui Wah 10 sailing through Tolo Harbour
MV Tsui Wah 28 on its way to Tung Ping Chau
Tsui Wah X at Aberdeen harbour. Ready to depart for Po Toi Island.
provides ferry services around Tolo
Harbour, Long Harbour and Mirs Bay in
the northeastern New Territories.

Since July 2006 and August 2008
respectively, Tsui Wah also serves the
southern islands of Po Toi and Lamma.

Tsui Wah Ferry Service operates the
following six routes:

Wong Shek – Tap Mun Island, via Ko Lau
Wong Shek – Chek Keng – Wan Tsai
Ma Liu Shui – Tung Ping Chau Island
Ma Liu Shui – Wong Shek,
via Sham Chung,
Lai Chi Cheong, Tap Mun,
Ko Lau Wan and Chek Keng

Aberdeen - Po Toi Island, via Stanley
Aberdeen – Lamma (Yung Shue Wan)
via Pak Kok Tsuen
operates the following ferry services:

Tuen Mun - Tai O, via Tung Chung
North Point - Kwun Tong
for over 50 years. Founder Mr. Wu Chuen
purchased a sailing-ship in the 1950’ies
to transport Lamma Island's residents to

The company provides a ferry service
between southern Lamma Island (Sok
Kwu Wan and Mo Tat Wan) and Aberdeen.
(Tel: 2983 8617 ) provides ferry services
between the outlying islands of Peng
Chau and Lantau.

The company operates the following two
Peng Chau - Discovery Bay,
via the Trappist Monastery
Peng Chau - Mui Wo
The Kai To (small ferry) that connects the islands of Peng Chau and Lantau.
The catamaran ferry that connects Ma Wan island with the outside world...
Interior of Park Island ferry
LIMITED provides bus and ferry services
for Ma Wan Island.

The fleet currently consists of 7
high-speed double-deck air-conditioned
catamarans plying between Park Island
and Central with a journey time of about
20 minutes as well as between Park
Island and Tsuen Wan West Rail Station
with a journey time of about 10 minutes.
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