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The Bauhinia is the emblem and flower of the Hong Kong SAR
Chinese New Year Flower
Chinese Lily (protected by the Forests and Countryside Ordinance, Chapter 96)
Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Bauhinia blakeana
  Chinese New Year Flower
Enkianthus quinqueflorus
  Chinese Lily
Lilium brownii
Though not known as an agricultural power house, the Hong Kong countryside has many vegetable farms and orchards.
Photo taken at The Peak, Hong Kong Island
Camel Foot tree (Bauhinia variegata). Identified by Neo. Thanks
Jack Fruit
Artocarpus integrifolia
  Hainan Galangal
Alpinia hainanensis
  Camel's Foot Tree
Bauhinia variegata
In Hong Kong Spider Lilies are usually found in most public parks. They flower in June and July.
Longan (Dragon Eye) tree and fruits on Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Flowering cactus (Opuntia Dillenii) on Tung Ping Chau island, New Territories, Hong Kong
Spider Lily
  Longan (Dragon Eye) Tree
Euphoria longan
  Prickly Pear Cactus
Opuntia dillenii
Flowering Common Melastoma, Wong Nai Chung Gap, Hong Kong island
A splash-of-white on The Dragon's back, Hong Kong island
This violet creeper is found on Hong Kong and Lantau islands.
Common Melastoma
Melastoma candidum
Mussaenda pubescens
  Hong Kong Iris
Iris speculatrix
The Screw Pine is found along most of the Hong Kong coastline...
The Coral Tree is found all over Hong Kong
It might look like a tomato, but it is actually poisonous...
Pandanus tectorius
  Coral Tree
Erythrina variegata
  Soda-apple Nightshade
Solanum capsicoides
Canna indica. Identified by Neo. Thanks
The Silk Cotton Tree can be found all over Hong Kong. It flowers in February and March...
Calliandra haematocephala or Pink Powder Puff
Canna indica
  Silk Cotton Tree
  Calliandra haematocephala
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