Northeastern New Territories
Not easily accessible and now largely uninhabited, Hong Kong's northeastern villages are ideal field locations for studying the
heritage, economic transitions and ecological changes of the country's rural districts. Now as before, this "back garden" offers
tranquil settings, rustic hamlets, verdant forests and delightful scenery.
A panoramic view of Wu Kau Tang, New Territories, Hong Kong.
    Wu Kau Tang
The old school at Kuk Po on the shores of Starling Inlet in the northeast of the New Territories.
After years of being hidden under creepers and secondary forest, this beautiful old manor house reappeared recently in the abandonned village of So Lo Pun...
The more-or-less abandoned village of Kuk Po San Uk Ka on the shores of Starling Inlet in the northeastern New Territories of Hong Kong
Kuk Po
  Manor House
So Lo Pun
  Kuk Po San Uk Ha
Giant trees grow well in the swampy surroundings of Lai Chi Wo, New Territories, Hong Kong
Lai Chi Wo - the largest traditional Hakka village still standing in Hong Kong
More than a hundred years ago, Lai Chi Wo was a poor village. On the advice of a geomancy expert, a fung shui wall was built around the village to retain wealth and ward off bad luck.   Soon the village’s luck changed. Lai Chi Wo produced a number of famous scholars and residents were better off financially.  Since then the villagers of Lai Chi Wo became faithful believers of fung shui and used every effort to protect their fung shui wood, including marking boundaries and banning the destruction of local forests. Anyone causing damage to the fung shui wood would be fined and publicly denounced.  For only one or two days in a year, villagers are allowed to enter the wood to gather sticks for firewood. This may well be the reason why Lai Chi Wo’s fung shui wood has remained lush and verdant today.
Heritiera Littoralis
Lai Chi Wo, Plover Cove Country Park
  Lai Chi Wo
Plover Cove Country Park
  Lai Chi Wo
Plover Cove Country Park
The beautiful, quiet and interesting Sam A Wan - one of our favourite corners of Hong Kong
Typical stretches of trail in the Plover Cove and Pat Sin Leng Country Parks, New Territories, Hong Kong
Though Mui Tsz Lam village has been abandonned for a couple of decades now, somebody has recently taken the trouble to begin renovating one or two of the old houses and to clear the shrubs in front of the village.
Sam A Wan
Plover Cove Country Park
  Hiking Trails Crossing Streams
Plover Cove Country Park
  Mui Tsz Lam
Plover Cove Country Park
Barbecue and picnic areas can be found on the idyllic banks of Hok Tau and Lau Shui Heung Reservoirs.
Just off the main road to China, Ha Wo Hang is one of many small New Territory village that has many secrets to be discovered. We go there by bicycle....
Nestled in the gap between Cloudy Hill and Ping Fung Shan, the Sha Lo Tung Valley is isolated and a world unto itself. Cheung Uk is the largest of three villages which border disused rice paddies on the valley floor and walking into the village is like being transported back in time more than half a century. While some of the houses have caved in and been overrun by plant life, others are still standing and give the visitor a view into the lives of their former occupants. Discarded, ancient furniture; farming implements; framed photographs; iron woks; baskets and bags; cups, bowls and spoons; as well as calendars, shrines and various detritus litter the interiors. It is as if one day everybody living there decided to go out and never to return…
Lau Shui Heung Reservoir 流水嚮水塘
Pat Sin Leng Country Park
  Old Mansion
Ha Wo Hang
  Cheung Uk
Sha Lo Tung Valley
Harvesting seafood at Starling Inlet near Luk Keng, New Territories, Hong Kong
Though the source is just a tiny quiet stream, Mirror Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Hong Kong - and it never runs dry...
More scenes from the scenic and peaceful Sam A Wan...
Harvesting Seafood
Starling Inlet near Luk Keng
  Mirror Falls
Plover Cove Country Park
Sam A Wan, Plover Cove Country Park
Sunrise in Sam A Tsuen
Plover Cove Country Park, New Territories
  Colourful Rocks
Plover Cove Country Park, New Territories
  Strand of Mangrove
Plover Cove Country Park, New Territories
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