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The Octopus Card
Save time, hazzle and money by purchasing an Octous Card upon your arrival in Hong Kong.

If arriving by air, Octopus Cards can be purchased at the
Airport Express Counter in the arrival
hall at Chek Lap Kok Airport. If arriving by train, get your card at Lo Wu or Hung Hom
KCR stations.
The OCTOPUS CARD is a rechargeable contactless
stored value smart card used for electronic
payment in online or offline systems in Hong Kong.

Originally launched in September 1997 as a fare
collection system for the city's mass transit
systems, the
Octopus Card system has grown into a
widely used electronic cash system used not only
for virtually all public transport in Hong Kong, but
also for making payment at convenience stores,
supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, on-street
parking meters, car parks and many other
point-of-sale applications (eg. service stations and
vending machines).

In addition the system is used for access control to
offices, schools and apartments.

Using a card involves simply holding the card in
close proximity above, or on, an
Octopus Reader,
and cards can be recharged with cash at add-value
machines or over the counter in shops (notably the
7-Eleven and Circle K convenience stores), or
directly through credit cards and bank accounts.

Octopus has become one of the world's most
successful electronic cash systems, with over 13
Octopus Cards in circulation (nearly twice
that of Hong Kong's population) and over 9 million
transactions per day, with nearly 370 service
Octopus Cards
Octopus Card Readers
Octopus Card reader and coin slot on 1996 Volvo Citybus
Octopus Card reader on sampan plying waters between Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. The adult fare is HK$1.80 or US$0.23.
Octopus card reader as found in fast food outlets...
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