Peng Chau          坪洲
Peng Chau (坪洲) is a small island (0.98 km²) located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island and administratively a part of the
Islands District.

Peng Chau is known for its relaxed island lifestyle, accessibility to fresh seafood, and many temples located around the island
(including a Tin Hau temple built in 1792). The tallest point of the island is Finger Hill, which is 95m in height and provides hiking
opportunities for those who seek them.

The main mode of transportation on the island is the bicycle. Indeed, there are no motor cars on the island at all apart from small
construction and emergency vehicles.

Peng Chau is accessible by a ferry from Central on Hong Kong Island, by ferries from Mui Wo, Chi Ma Wan and Cheung Chau, and by
Kai-to service from Discovery Bay on Lantau Island.
The Hong Kong island of Peng Chau as seen from Lantau Island...
The Peng Chau Tin Hau Temple boasts a long history as shown by the whale bones that are more than 400 years old and the ancient bell that was made 6 years before restoration of the temple in 1798. The history of the original temple has yet to be traced. According to legend Tin Hau Goddess was born in the Song Dynasty (960-1279A.C.) to a fisherman surnamed Lam in Fuzhou. As a child she was intelligent, knowledgeable in astrology and was and able to forecast the climate. She also practiced medicine and saved countless people. After her death, she was worshiped as Tin Hau Goddess or Ma Jo Sea Goddess and had many followers around the South China Sea. One of the most legendary stories about Tin Hau Goddess is related to Cheung Po Tsai, a pirate of early 17th century haunting Hong Kong coastal waters. One day when he led his gangsters to rob Peng Chau residents, a sudden blast of wind blew off the red flag hanging on top of the mast. Cheung was so frightened that he immediately ordered the other pirates to stop. He then led them to Tin Hau Temple to pray to the Goddess.
Tung Wan (or Eastern Bay) on Peng Chau island, Hong Kong
Peng Chau 坪洲
  Tin Hau Temple 天后廟
  Tung Wan Beach 東灣
Detail from the Dragon Mother Temple, Peng Chau, Hong Kong
Seven Sisters' Temple
Entrance to a Buddhist Retreat on Peng Chau island, Hong Kong
Dragon Mother Temple 龍母廟
  Seven Sisters' Temple 仙姐廟
  Entrance to Buddhist Retreat
Bicycles are the main mode of transport on Pen Chau island...
Fresh vegetables for sale on Peng Chau island, Hong Kong
Peng Chau has plenty of shops catering to your every day needs...
Elderly Cyclists
  Vegetable Stall
  Going Shopping
The alter at the Hung Shing Temple on Peng Chau, Hong Kong
Lady selling dried and preserved seafood on Peng Chau island, Hong Kong
Colourful shrine, Peng Chau island, Hong Kong
Alter of Peng Chau's Hung Shing Temple
  Dried Seafood Seller
  Another Colourful Shrine on Peng Chau
The Peng Chau Ambulance
Peng Chau Fire and Rescue Service
Villagers enjoying the shade provided by an old banyan tree near the Peng Chau pier
The Peng Chau Ambulance
  Peng Chau Fire Rescue Service
  Villagers under shady Banyan tree
Devotees taken a statue of Tin Hau to the shoreline
    Tin Hau Procession
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