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The MTR is an underground railway network with seven lines
and 53 stations.  Averaging over 2.4 million passengers every
weekday, the Hong Kong MTR is one of the most heavily
utilized mass transit systems in the world.

Operated by the
LIMITED, each line was built in stages with the first passenger
train starting operation in October 1979.
The Tseung Kwan O and Disneyland Resort Lines came into
service in August 2002 and August 2005 respectively.

The total route length of the Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island,
Tseung Kwan O, Tung Chung, Disneyland Resort Lines and the
Airport Express Line is 91 kilometres.

Single adult fares range from HK$4 to HK$26, and HK$60 to
HK$100 for Airport Express Line.
MTR Sign and typical station entrance
MTR train - exterior and interior
MTR Tung Chung Line
Airport Express
The KCRC EAST RAIL (the former Kowloon Canton Railway -
British Section) operates domestic as well as cross-boundary
passenger services to the mainland.

From the new East Tsim Sha Tsui terminus to Lo Wu Station,
the East Rail line covers a distance of 35.5 kilometres with a
total of 14 stations, including a Racecourse Station open on
race days.

The East Rail carries about 890,000 passengers daily. Every
hour during the morning peak period, more than 45 domestic
passenger trains travel into and out of East Tsim Sha Tsui.

Single adult (standard class) fares range from HK$3.5 to
HK$12.5 (excluding service to Racecourse) for local journeys
and HK$20 to HK$36.5 for journeys to Lo Wu according to the
distance travelled.

In addition, twelve departures of through trains in each
direction are operated daily between Kowloon and Guangdong

Through train services to and from Beijing and Shanghai are
also operated on alternate days.
New stile KCR East-Rail Train
Interior of new style KCR East-Rail train
KCR Train
Front of refurbished old style KCR East-Rail Train...
KCR train
Interior of refurbished old style KCR East-Rail train
MA ON SHAN RAIL which is operated by the Kowloon-Canton
Railway Corporation came into operation on 21 December

The Ma On Shan Rail runs over a length of 11.4km and
comprises 9 stations. It takes about 16 minutes to travel from
Wu Kai Sha to Tai Wai and passengers could interchange to
East Rail at Tai Wai Station.
Ma On Shan Rail train
Interior of a ma On Shan Rail train
WEST RAIL which is operated by the Kowloon-Canton Railway
Corporation came into operation on December 20, 2003.

It is a 30.5 kilometres twin-track passenger railway linking up
Nam Cheong in West Kowloon through nine stations with Yuen
Long and Tuen Mun in the north-west New Territories.

The system, on which it takes 30 minutes to complete the
whole journey, is designed to interchange with the existing
MTR and Light Rail systems.

Discounted single adult fares range from HK$4.5 to HK$15.
Exterior of KCR West-Rail Train
Interior of a KCR West Rail Train
Typical KCR West Rail Station
KCRC West Rail

More pictures to follow
Phase One of the LIGHT RAIL TRANSIT SYSTEM (LRT), owned
and operated by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, was
opened in September 1988 in the north-west New Territories,
serving the Tuen Mun and Yuen Long new towns.

Two Tuen Mun Extensions began operation in 1991 and 1992
respectively. In 1995, the network was extended to Tin Shui
Wai Terminus. Hong Kong's Light Rail network has been an
integral part of daily life in the northwestern New Territories
since 1988. As more new towns have been established, the
Light Rail network has expanded, too. Following the opening of
the Tin Shui Wai extension in 2003, the system now covers 68
stops across 36.15kms of track. In addition to serving the
growing population of the New Territories, the expanded
network also doubles as a feeder service for the MTR at its
West Rail Line interchanges at Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Siu
Hong and Tuen Mun stations.

To further add to your convenience when using the Light Rail
service, the MTR provides feeder bus services to and from
many MTR stations in the New Territories. When using your
Octopus Card, you will also enjoy an integrated fare system
that offers free travel on the feeder bus services that link
many housing estates to designated stations.

The adult single fares range from HK$4.0 to HK$5.8. The
system is supported by feeder bus services. On average,
about 370,000 passengers travel daily in the system in 2005.
LRT on Castle Peak Road in Yuen Long
LRT train no. 1023 at Tin Shui Wai Station
LRT Train no. 1063 on Castle Peak Road near Ping Shan station
Double carriage LRT train nos 1030 and 1052 on Castle Peak Road near Ping Shan Station
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