Lantau South Country Park, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
(includes Stages 7 & 8 of the Lantau Trail)

It is a long walk and we are going far away, but this is a wonderful day out where you will visit parts of Hong Kong that even many locals have
never heard about.

After a long and exciting bus ride from the new dormitory town of Tung Chung, we finally get to stretch our legs when we reach the dam at
Shek Pik Reservoir. At first we walk along a gently climbing catchwater for about an hour while enjoying the views over the So Ko Islands.
This is followed by a rather steep descent towards the Fan Lau peninsula crossing streams and passing banana groves.

Fan Lau might be remote, but it does have quite an interesting history as witnessed by the fort and temple there. The fortifications at Fan Lau
originated in the Ming dynasty, but the actual fort, whose remains you will see on this walk, was built in 1722 and was only abandoned by the
Chinese authorities in 1900 – 2 years after the signing of the treaty that included Lantau into the expanded British colony….

These days only a handful of people live in Fan Lau, but as late as in 1956 the population was significant enough for the government to build a
new school. Sadly, this closed in the seventies when the younger villagers moved away.

Leaving Fan Lau, the trail rises and falls as we cut across a couple of promontories on our way northwards. Occasionally dropping down to a
quiet bay, this part of the trail is rich in shrubs and flowers.  Approaching Yi O, we are reminded, once again, that not too long ago there was a
thriving community in this now “remote” area. The crumbling buildings, abandoned fields, overgrown terraces and remains of pig sties and
chicken pens are all signs that it was only a couple of decades ago that the lifestyle and education opportunities in bigger places, like Tai O,
became attractive enough to warrant moving out.

From Yi O, it is a relatively flat walk to Tai O. As we pass the abandonned salt pans, check out the many big birds foraging here. Our walk
ends in Tai O, sold by the Hong Kong Tourist Board as “The Venice of Hong Kong” due to its houses built on stilts. Traces of the big fire that
swept through Tai O a couple of years ago can still be found, but many of the traditional stilt houses have been rebuilt and you are able to
catch a glimpse of what life in Hong Kong used to be like.

We will finish our day by inspecting Tai O from the waterside - and even go a little out to sea to try to catch a glimpse of the endangered
Chinese White Dolphin (which actually is pink).

We leave Tai O by bus for Tung Chung, where we change to the MTR for the ride into the centre of Hong Kong.
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Lantau South Country Park, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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18 km
5 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
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Time Spent on Trail:
6.5 hours
Walking: 5 hours + Breaks: 1 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
8:30 am
at Tung Chung Railway Station
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Finishing Time & Place:
5:00 pm
at Tung Chung Railway Station
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in Kowloon / on Hong Kong Island.
Food & Drink:
Snack stop at catchwater (5.5 km).
Picnic lunch at Fan Lau (9 km) -
bring lunch box.
Refreshment stop in Tai O (18 km) -
not included.
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