坪洲 長洲

Though we will be on our feet for about 5 hours, it might be a little exaggeration to call this island-hopping excursion a hike. The peaks are
hardly higher than molehills and all paths are paved. Nevertheless, this tour will introduce you to two of Hong Kong’s more historical islands.

The day begins as our ferry tries to keep up with the Macau bound
Jetfoils past Hong Kong’s outer anchorages to the small island of Peng
Chau. We start by visiting the island’s Tin Hau temple before joining the seafront promenade to Nam Wan, where we leave the shoreline to
make our way through orchards and vegetable farms to Finger Hill, which at 95 metres is Peng Chau’s highest peak.

Having absorbed the great panoramic view from the top, we descend briefly into the island’s main village to visit the rebuilt Dragon Mother
Temple at Tung Wan before conquering Peng Chau’s second highest point on the north side. On the way back to the pier, we will not only
pass a traditional cemetery but also visit other interesting sights, including a couple of smaller temples.

There should be time for a quick cup of tea before continuing our island-hopping day by boarding the
inter-island ferry to the busy fishing port
of Cheung Chau.

Though Cheung Chau literally means “Long Island” the island is shaped rather more like a dumbbell, formed from a north-south aligned spit
that connects two big chunks of granite.

With a natural harbour Cheung Chau became home to one of Hong Kong's main fishing communities. Lately, the population has been boosted
by commuters who have made this car-free island their home. We will have plenty of time to appreciate the busy harbour as will stop for a
Chinese lunch at one of the waterfront restaurants, before continuing our walk.

The first stop after lunch is the Pak Tai Temple, dedicated to Cheung Chau's "patron saint", Pak Tei - the Northern King. This is one of the
oldest surviving temples in Hong Kong built in 1783. Leaving the temple we will stroll through some of the island's narrow streets, checking
out small stores and a shrine to an Earth God who looks after this district.

Passing the main,
Tung Wan, beach we reach the Windsurfing Centre where Hong Kong's only Olympic gold medallist used to train. From
here our well-maintained path will pass a few more temples and introduce us to quite a rugged landscape. Along the way, we will have great
views towards Lantau, Lamma and other Hong Kong islands.

Walking along the ridge of the western part of the island, we eventually reach the village of Sai Wan, where we will board a traditional
sampan for a ride across the to Cheung Chau’s main pier and the ferry back to Hong Kong island.
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Excursion Summary
Click on the map
and check the
red line
for an idea of where
this hike will take you.
Click here for an idea of where this outing will take you...
13 km
3 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 390 metres
Loss: 390 metres
incl. Cheung Chau sampan ride
Highest Point:
95 metres (Finger Hill)
Time Spent on the Islands:
6.25 hours
Walking: 4.75 hours + Breaks: 1.5 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
8:20 am
at Central Ferry Piers
Finishing Time & Place:
5:15 pm
at Central Ferry Piers
Price for this outing as a Private Event on request
Food & Drink:
Snack stop at café on Peng Chau - not included.
Lunch at waterfront restaurant on Cheung Chau -
not included.
Note 1:
You also have the option to end this outing with a swim at a lifeguard supervised beach on Cheung Chau.
Changing rooms and showers are available at the beach, so consider bringing swim wear and a towel.
Note 2:
This outing is NOT operated on Sundays and public holidays
Scenes from Peng Chau island
Drying shrimps on Cheung Chau and Peng Chau Fire Service
Images from Cheung Chau...
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