SUNSET PEAK - Eastwards
Lantau Trail Stage 2 + a little extra

Though it starts from the same place as the Lantau Peak hike and though it also begins with a challenging climb to a
considerable altitude, the conquest of Sunset Peak is nevertheless quite different in nature from the Lantau Peak assault. In
this case, the climb is short and steep, but the descent is much more gentle....

The boulder path starts leveling out as we approach the top of the mountain but, to really conquer Sunset Peak, we have to
make a slight detour through the shrubs as, for unknown reasons, the summit has been omitted from the official Lantau Trail.

Just beyond the summit, we traverse a high plateau, where many a hiker probably would not mind staying overnight, if only
they could locate a key to one of the old stone cabins located on these old grazing grounds. Much to the regret of many a
developer, this highland is now part of Lantau South Country Park, so it would take some influence peddling to be allowed to
build an access road - not to mention an awful lot of money.

After a well-deserved break and having made our way around the freely roaming cattle, we begin our descent towards Mui
Wo. You will be pleased to learn that, as mentioned, the path down is somewhat gentler than the way up and that the views
over the Chi Ma Wan peninsula and Silvermine Bay and towards Hong Kong island are simply spectacular. There are an
awful lot of steps though....

Our final approach to Mui Wo is along an ancient village footpath, which leads us through the ever-growing villages in the
swampy area west of Lantau’s old capital to the ferry pier from where ferries departs for Hong Kong Island every 40 minutes.
A schedule which would allow us to enjoy a lunch at one of the town's many eateries without worrying too much about time….
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Sunset Peak, Launtau Island, Hong Kong
Mui Wo and Sunset Peak, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Mui Wo and Sunset Peak, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Hike Summary
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this hike will take you.
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10.5 km
6 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 535 metres
Loss: 885 metres
Highest Point:
869 metres (Sunset Peak)
Time Spent on Trail:
4 hours
Walking: 3.5 hours + Breaks: 0.5 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
8:40 am
at Tung Chung Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
12:45 pm
in Mui Wo
Price for this hike as a Private Tour on request
  or 1:20 pm  
at Central Ferry Piers on Hong Kong Island, if not staying for lunch.
Food & Drink:
Snack breaks at Sunset Peak (3 km) and Nam Shan (7 km).
Optional shared lunch at restaurant in Mui Wo at end of the hike (10.5 km) -
not included.
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