鴨脷洲 香港仔

Located just off the southwest of Hong Kong Island and covering a mere 1.32 km², Ap Lei Chau is currently
considered the most densely populated island in the world.

It might be tiny, but one could argue that Ap Lei Chau has punched above its weight in the history of our little
country: The island is shown on a map dating from the Ming Dynasty. On this map is marked the settlement of
Heung Kong Tsuen (香港村, lit. Hong Kong Village). It is thought that this is where the name of Hong Kong
originates from.

Ap Lei Chau shelters Aberdeen Harbour, creating an excellent typhoon shelter, and was a fishing village before
the First Opium War. As a consequence of the Treaty of Nanking, it was ceded to the British together with Hong
Kong Island in 1841.

Apart from cameo roles in movies such as “The World of Suzy Wong” and “Love is a Many-splendored Thing,”
little attention had been paid to Ap Lei Chau until 1968 when a power station was built on the island to provide
electricity for the whole of Hong Kong Island. Yet, most people still only recognised Ap Lei Chau through the
movies. A number of scenes from Bruce Lee’s last movie “Enter The Dragon” was shot here and a young
Pierce Brosnan starred in “Noble House.”

However, in 1980, a bridge was constructed to connect the island to Hong Kong Island and brought momentum
for rapid economic development. Public housing estates were built partly to accommodate people who had
suffered in a fire in the Aberdeen shelter. Then, in 1989, the power station was relocated to Lamma Island and
the site was re-developed into the South Horizons residential area with the aid of land reclamation.

This morning’s Photo Shoot will primarily explore Ap Lei Chau’s more photogenic sights, but we will also cross
the harbour to visit a few places of interest in Aberdeen.

We begin our walk at the bus terminus at
Ap Lei Chau Estate. Recently renovated, the island’s first major
housing estate was completed in 1980 next to what was then the Ap Lei Chau Power Station and provides a
glimpse into the living conditions of the majority of Hong Kong’s population. Residents here might not have
many luxuries, but their physical surroundings continue to improve…

An example is the new Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park at the waterfront below the estate. Once a bus depot, this
new park proves that the Hong Kong authorities actually are able to create a living waterfront. The park not only
provides public access to the interesting and busy fishing harbour, it also incorporates various leisure facilities
and public services – and, all that, while maintaining a couple of historical structures….

Ap Lei Chau and Aberdeen was always about the water, though, so next on our agenda is a sampan ride
around the harbour taking us under the bridge and past the kitschy floating restaurants and the expensive
yacht clubs to the small shipyards on the island’s western side. The latter present a stark contrast to the fancy
tower blocks being built across the road….

We conclude our visit to Ap Lei Chau by walking along the waterfront to the public pier to catch the
small ferry
across the harbour to Aberdeen, where we check out the wholesale fishmarket and the Tin Hau temple.

Officially, the Photo Shoot ends at the Aberdeen bus terminus, but you are welcome extend your outing by
joining your guide for lunch afterwards at a
tiny backlane eatery nearby that serves the best dumplings in all of
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6 km
1 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 10 metres
Loss: 35 metres
incl. harbour "cruise"
Highest Point:
25 metres
Time Spent Shooting:
3 hours
Meeting Time & Place:
9:00 am
at Ap Lei Chau Estate Bus Terminus
Finishing Time & Place:
12:15 pm
at Aberdeen Bus Terminus
Food & Drink:
Optional shared lunch at Shanghainese restaurant at the end of the outing - not included.
Consider bringing your tripod and an assortment of lenses.
Peeling shrimps and fishing boats
Sampans in Aberdeen harbour
Ap Lei Chau Estate
Modern private housing on Ap Lei Chau
Ap Lei Chau transportation...
Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
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