Located on either side of the eastern entrance to Victoria Harbour, Shau Kei Wan and Lei Yue Mun have long
played an important role in Hong Kong's history as whoever controlled the harbour entrance would - more or
less - be in control of Hong Kong. Yet, being relatively far from Central, both villages were always hard to get to
because of the surrounding terrain and, as a consequence, they were long unaffected by development
elsewhere. While modernity is catching up, this relative isolation means that most streets, lanes and the
waterfronts are still awash with history and traditional photo opportunities.

We begin our discovery of Hong Kong’s eastern end bright and early in order to catch the activity at
Shau Kei
’s bustling wet and fish markets.

Setting out from the MTR station, we first check out the fresh vegetables at the outdoor market, before making
our way past the beautiful Tam Kung Temple down to the old shipyards and the very busy wholesale fish

Having negotiated a way through the maze of alleys and lanes that make up the shanty town of A Kung Ngam,
we next find ourselves on Shau Kei Wan’s old main street where we check out the nice smoky Tin Hau Temple
and the eastern terminus of the Hong Kong Tramways.

The last leg of the Hong Kong island part of this photo shoot is a sampan ride around the Shau Kei Wan typhoon
shelter. This will allow us a close-up view of life on the water and the fishing fleet.

Crossing Victoria harbour, we then arrive at
Lei Yue Mun.  Dating back to the 17th century, this small fishing
village was once the haunt of the descendants of the Ming dynasty General Cheng Jian. His seven sons all
became pirates and include the notorious Cheng I.

In more recent times, Lei Yue Mun flourished with small scall industries. Pottery factories, candy factories,
shipyards and quarries turned it into an important industrial area in the 1960’s. Remains of the quarrying can
still be found near the coast and along the hills east of the traditional Tin Hau Temple. The pirate Cheng Lian-
Chang built this temple in 1753 for the protection of his descendants.

To most Hong Kong people, however, Lei Yue Mun is famous for its seafood market and waterfront
restaurants. In typical Hong Kong style, you choose your seafood/fish from the brimming tanks outside the
restaurant. This is then taken into the kitchen to be killed and prepared according to your wishes.

Until 1998, an extra attraction of eating at Lei Yue Mun was the fact that you were sitting at the end of the
solitary runway of Hong Kong’s International Airport, Kai Tak. You would have been amazed at just how close
you were to the planes’ landing gear….

The sights above plus a few more will be included in our walk around Lei Yue Mun.

We suggest finishing the Photo Shoot with a (shared) lunch at one of the
waterfront restaurants.
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Excursion Summary
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7 km
Meeting Time & Place:
9:00 am
in Shau Kei Wan
Finishing Time & Place:
1:30 pm
in Lei Yue Mun
incl. sampan / ferry to Lei Yue
Mun and 1 drink
Time Spent Shooting:
4.5 hours
1 out of 10
Food & Drink:
A refreshment will be offered on the ferry to Lei Yue Mun.
Optional shared lunch at waterfront restaurant in Lei Yue Mun -
not included.
Consider bringing your tripod, flash and a wide-angle lens. Some motifs might be dimly lit.
Scenes from Shau Kei Wan
Scenes from Shau Kei Wan
Scenes from Shau Kei Wan
Scenes from Lei Yue Mun
Scenes from Lei Yue Mun
Scenes from Lei Yue Mun
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