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A leisurely exploration of ancestral halls, markets, temples and walled villages in the northern
New Territories.

Shek Wu Hui, Wai Loi Tsuen, Tai Yuen Tsuen, Hak Ka Wai, Tsung Pak Long & Ho Sheung Heung.
石湖墟, 圍內村, 大元村, 客家圍, 松柏塱 及 河上鄉

There is much more to Sheung Shui than being the last station before the China border. Although
much of Sheung Shui's rural charm has been lost due to the construction of modern buildings, it is
still more peaceful than other old villages closer to the beaten path.

Shek Wu Hui used to be the marketplace of Sheung Shui, before the development of the new
town. Bounded by Lung Sum Avenue, San Fung Avenue and Jockey Club Road, it has been the
main market in Sheung Shui since the 1930s. Today some private residences can be found
towering over the old flats in the hui (market), but most of the buildings you see today were
erected in the 1950s.

Wai Loi Tsuen in Sheung Shui Heung was established in 1646 by the Liu clan and is one of the
very few rural settlements having retained its original moat. This walled village is the core of the
Liu (廖) clan whose ancestors originally migrated from Fujian and settled in the plains of the
Sheung Yue River during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). By the 18th century, the Lius had become
very prosperous which is well demonstrated by their main ancestral hall, the Liu Man Shek Tong,
built in 1751. This typical three-hall two-courtyard building is richly embellished with plaster
mouldings, wood carvings and murals of auspicious motifs and pictures.

On the western side of the tracks of the old Kowloon-Canton Railway lies the villages of Hak Ka
Wai and Tsung Pak Long. The former is home to Hong Kong’s best preserved traditional walled
village. However, as the entire village is private property, we might have to settle for merely
peek through the main gate. Tsung Pak Long next door is more welcoming and the 5 perfectly
aligned ancestral halls are quite cute.

Leaving Tsung Pak Long, we follow the dikes along the Shek Sheung and Sheung Yue Rivers to
the remote hamlet of Ho Sheung Heung. Arriving through the “back door” we miss out on the
scrap and container yards and are treated instead to infinitely more rural vistas (though we do also
get a glimpse of Shenzhen).

The main excuse for the 30-minute walk to Ho Sheung Heung, however, is that we are able to visit
the Qing dynasty Hau Ku Shek Ancestral Hall and Hung Shing Temple.

We finish the outing by catching the frequent
minibus back to Sheung Shui.
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Excursion Summary
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9 km
1 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 20 metres
Loss: 20 metres
incl. a refreshment
Highest Point:
8 metres
Time Spent Shooting:
4 hours
Meeting Time & Place:
9:00 am
at Sheung Shui Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
1:00 pm
at Sheung Shui Railway Station
Food & Drink:
Refreshments will be offered at a store in Ho Sheung Heung.
Optional shared (late) lunch at restaurant in Sheung Shui at end of the outing (9 km) -
not included.
Consider bringing a tripod and a variety of lenses.
Hansen's Photo Shoots
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Liu Man Shek Tong Ancestral Hall, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong
Entrance to Wai Loi Tsuen, Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong
Sheung Shui market street and basic village housing
Hung Shing Temple, Ho Sheung Heung, New Territories, Hong Kong
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