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Excursion Summary
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8 km
Meeting Time & Place:
10:20 am
at Central Ferry Piers
Finishing Time & Place:
6:45 pm
at Tung Chung Railway Station
incl. dolphin watch boat & 1 drink
Time Spent Shooting:
4.5 hours
1 out of 10
Food & Drink:
Optional shared lunch at Chinese restaurant in Tai O before the dolphin watch tour - not included.
A refreshment will be offered after the dolphin watch tour.
Consider bringing your tripod and a variety of lenses.

Tai O is located at the western end of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. Here Tanka people
have been making a living from the sea for many centuries. Indeed, the Tanka and the
“Haklo” are some of the earliest immigrant groups in Hong Kong, who were migrated
from Mainland China a thousand years ago during the Han dynasty.

The older generation of Tankas never received any formal education and are usually
illiterate. Most of them are fishermen, but salt production was another major industry and
source of income to the village. The abundant source of salt also gave rise to another
unique industry of Tai O; the production of salted marine products like salted fish, salted
shrimps, salted squids, shrimp cakes and shrimp paste. These are still popular souvenirs
for tourists and are well known worldwide. Apart from marine products, other food
products like duck egg yolks and vegetables are also preserved with salt. Although the
salt harvest in Tai O ended in the early 1970s, the production of salted preserved food
continues to this day and is usually carried out by the older residents of the village. You
will be amazed by the sheer number of stores selling both salted marine products and
fresh seafood along Tai O’s crowded narrow lanes.

In addition to the
many traditional houses and crafts, Tai O has also uncovered a “new”
tourist attraction: For just a few dollars you can join a 30-minute boat trip which takes you
not only around Tai O but also out to sea in search of the endangered pink coloured
Chinese White Dolphin.

This Photo Shoot will explore all of the sights above plus a few more. There will also be
time for a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant before we catch the ferry into the sunset....
(Well, back to the city anyway....)
Scenes from Tai O
Scenes from Tai O
Scenes from Tai O
Scenes from Tai O
Dansksproget udgave følger snarest...
... photographing Hong Kong's other side...
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Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
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