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Hike Summary
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11.5 km
2 out of 10 (due to length)
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 180 metres
Loss: 180 metres
Highest Point:
75 metres
Time Spent on Trail:
4 hours
Walking: 3 hours + Breaks: 1 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
9:40 am
at Sheung Shui Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
2:15 pm
in Sheung Shui
Price for this hike as a Private Event on request
  or 3:15 pm  
on Hong Kong Island, if not staying for lunch.
Food & Drink:
Snack / refreshment breaks at stores en route - not included.
Optional shared lunch at restaurant in Sheung Shui at the end of the hike
- not included.
Should the situation so require, it would be possible to cut the walk short at Liu Pok (6 km) or Ho Sheung Heung
(9 km) where you can catch minibuses back to Sheung Shui.
A "stepless" hike

In view of the considerable border activities and the increasing number of illegal immigrants from mainland China after the
Second World War, the Hong Kong Government introduced the Frontier Closed Area policy in 1951. Under this policy, parts
of the area between the populated territory of Hong Kong and the then Sino-British border was declared to be a Closed Area
to provide a buffer zone to help security forces maintain the integrity of the boundary between Hong Kong and China and to
combat illegal immigration and other cross boundary criminal activities. Access to the Frontier Closed Area was controlled by
the Police through the issuance of FCA Permits based on needs.

The size of the FCA was about 28 square kilometres and covered all of North District and a part of Yuen Long District. The
northern boundary of the FCA runs along the 35 km-long land boundary between the HKSAR and the China and is
demarcated by a perimeter fence and a boundary road. The southern boundary of the FCA ran roughly parallel to the land
boundary and includes all the waters of Starling Inlet.

In 2008 the HKSAR Government announced that the FCA would - in most places - be reduced to become the area between
the southern edge of the existing boundary patrol road and the boundary between Hong Kong and the Mainland. The plan
seeks to reduce the FCA to the minimum necessary for the protection of public order and boundary security, obviating the
need for local residents and visitors alike to obtain Closed Area Permits to access the area.

The first and second stages of the FCA reduction were implemented on 15 February 2012 and 10 June 2013 respectively.
Following the completion of construction works of boundary patrol road between the River Indus and Lin Ma Hang, the third
and final stage of the FCA reduction took effect on 4 January 2016, when more than 900 hectares of land were excised from
the existing Frontier Closed Area.

This stepless hike explores a large portion of the former Frontier Closed Area between Lok Ma Chau and Lo Wu. Setting out
from the Lok Ma Chau Border Shuttle Bus Terminus, our first stop is the Lok Ma Chau Look-out, which for many years was as
close to Mainland China that most people could go.

As mentioned, the FCA has shrunk considerably, so we are now able to go further and will continue down the hill to follow
the old boundary patrol road from Lok Ma Chau Village to Shun Yee Village. As the area was off-limits to most people for so
many years, little development has taken place here, yet, so walking along we are able to see what rural Hong Kong used to
look like while at the same time peek into Shenzhen. You are in for some amazing contrasts….

Near Shun Yee, we head slightly south to explore the low hills around the villages of Ma Tso Lung and Liu Pok, before we
suddenly find ourselves within a stone’s throw of the
Lo Wu Border Control Point.

As you still can't access the Border Control Point without continuing into China, we will instead turn right and follow the River
Indus south to Ho Sheung Heung, which is a relatively large community with many old houses, temples and halls.

There is time for a good look around and refreshments, before we complete our walk by following the River Beas and River
Sutlej through
Long Valley to the busy MTR station at Sheung Shui.

Reaching Sheung Shui at about 2:15 pm, it is your choice whether to take lunch there or head straight home.
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Scenes from the former Frontier Closed Area near Lok Ma Chau Tsuen in the northern New Territories....
Scenes from the former Frontier Closed Area
Scenes from the former Frontier Closed Area
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