“An anthropological study into the post-noon activities of various tribes inhabiting the lands surrounding the major transportation artery
formerly known as the Kowloon-Canton Railway with an emphasis on the social interaction between these communities and unexpected

Such was the original title for this outing, but it wouldn’t fit onto the e-mail subject line, so it became simply “The KCR Pub Crawl”….

While the act of (re-)hydration will be the main focus of this unique examination of the New Territories, we will also visit sites of (locally)
historical importance. Some cynics might call it “the excuse” but, at Hansen’s Hikes & Rides, we prefer to characterize the initial stroll
between the Liu Clan’s impressive ancestral hall in Sheung Shui and a walled village in Fan Ling as essential background information. Indeed,
the relatively brief exploration of these ancient villages, halls and temples should provide us with an insight into the origins of the northern
tribes while aiding the creation of parched patches in need of watering…

Having ticked off Sheung Shui and Fan Ling stations, we board the aforementioned KCR and allow ourselves to ignore the dormitory suburb of
Tai Wo in favour of Tai Po. A short climb takes us to the point in the New Territories, where the Union Jack was first hoisted in April 1899.
Having acknowledged this important historical event, we descend the hill looking for one of the numerous of friendly “community halls” in
this old pearling town...

After a pint or two, we might well be in need of more solid sustenance, so on our way back to the train we break for a nice Thai meal at the
Tai Po Complex Food Court.…

After dinner, we find ourselves back in the air-conditioned comfort of a KCR compartment heading south to Tai Wai. By this time of the day,
Tsang’s Big House and Wong’s Old House would both be closed, so we will settle for a visit to one of the congenial taverns near the railway

Continuing southwards, eventually, we reach Mong Kok and its plethora of establishments catering to all needs imaginable. The official KCR
Pub Crawl ends at a semi-dodgy establishment near bus stops, train and police stations, but you shouldn’t let your guide’s inability to hold his
liquor cut short your night out….
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Excursion Summary
Click on the map
and check
red and black lines
for an idea of where
this outing will take you.
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29 km (but only 4.5 km on foot)
1 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 40 metres
Loss: 45 metres
incl. 1st round
Highest Point:
25 metres
      other drinks & dinner on you
Time Spent Crawling:
6.5 hours
Walking: 2.5 hours + Breaks: 3 hours
Meeting Time & Place:
3:00 pm
at Sheung Shui Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
9:30 pm ??
in Mong Kok
Price for this outing as a Private Event on request
Food & Drink:
Numerous hydration stops en route - not included.
Dinner at Thai restaurant in Tai Po -
not included.
It should be stressed that this is strictly an "adults only" event...
Liu Man Shek Tong Ancestral Hall, Sheung Shui & Bobby London Inn, Tai Po, New Territories
Old District Office North, Tai Po and a pint of Carlsberg...
The walled village of Fan Ling Wai, Fan Ling & the Railway Tavern, Tai Wai
Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
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