Waterfronts, market streets and a fireboat....

In 1908, Governor Sir Frederick Lugard officially opened the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club headquarters and clubhouse in Oil Street. In 1919,
the Hongkong Electric Company started operation of the territory's second power station at Electric Road. During the 1930s, the beaches of
North Point became one of the most popular venues in Hong Kong for swimming galas. In 1938, a refugee camp was built around Kam Hong
Road and Marble Road to accommodate the influx of refugees from the Mainland. During World War II, this camp was renamed the North
Point Camp and used as a prisoner of war camp for captured Canadian soldiers during the Japanese occupation.

During the Chinese Civil War, a large number of the rich and middle class from Shanghai fled to Hong Kong to escape the turmoil of war,
many of them settled in North Point and the area became known as "Little Shanghai" since, in the minds of many, it had already become the
replacement for the surrendered Shanghai in China. The first wave of emigrants introduced Shanghai-style restaurants, beauty parlours and
barbershops. During the 1950s, North Point was the premiere place of residence for these emigrants, leading to a massive population boom.
By the end of 1960, the Guinness Book of Records listed North Point as the most densely populated place on earth….

While most of the other venues have been converted into other uses over the years, the RHKYC club house is still there and there are many
other interesting sites to be discovered in this melting-pot neighbourhood as we make our way eastwards from Fortress Hill MTR Station,
including a number of very bustling market streets and some very hidden alleys….

Once we have passed the ferry pier, the impressive new headquarters of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the funeral
home, we divert onto the Quarry Bay Promenade and enjoy great views of the harbour, while heading for the fireboat museum. After 49 years
of service, the 511-tonne Alexander Grantham was decommissioned in 2002, lifted onto land and converted into an exhibition on firefighting
in Hong Kong.

The walk ends at Tai Koo MTR station at 12:30 pm giving you a choice of catching a train home or grabbing lunch at one of the swanky
eateries surrounding Tai Koo Place.
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6 km
1 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 45 metres
Loss: 45 metres
Highest Point:
15 metres
Time Spent on Trail:
3 hours
Walking: 2.75 hours + Breaks: 0.25 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
9:30 am
at Fortress Hill Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
12:30 pm
at Tai Koo Railway Station
Food & Drink:
Brief refreshment break at small café at North Point - not included.
Optional shared early lunch in Quarry Bay at the end of the walk -
not included.
This walk is NOT operated on Tuesdays
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The old Yacht Club headquarters and gas transport in North Point
Butcher and lingerie stalls in North Point
Quarry Bay Promenade and banana hawker in North Point.
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