There is actually less than 600 metres between the westernmost exit of HKU MTR Station and the easternmost entrance to Kennedy Town
Station, but we will make a 5.4 km detour to properly explore the northwestern corner of Hong Kong Island….

A high-speed lift takes us from the subterranean concourse to the entrance of the University of Hong Kong in seconds. We will have a quick
look around a corner of the campus, before we walk up Pok Fu Lam Road and leave the City of Victoria to begin a circumnavigation of Mount

The first important site of historical interest beyond the city boundary stone is the Chiu Yuen Cemetery off Mount Davis Road. Interracial
marriages were very rare in Hong Kong at the end of the 19th century,  and the Eurasian community found themselves in limbo as far as the
colonial authorities were concerned. There was a colonial cemetery for westerners and a permanent cemetery for Chinese, but there was no
place for Eurasians until the Chiu Yuen cemetery was created.

Just a few metres across the road, there is another, and much bigger public, cemetery: The Chinese Christian Cemetery pretty much
extends along the entire hill side from Pok Fu Lam Road and downwards giving us a chance to compare burial traditions.  

The hardest climb of the day starts just beyond the cemetery as we walk up to the Mount Davis Freshwater Reservoir for the spectacular
views over the southern and western islands. The reservoir was completed in 1963 and receives its water from the Silvermine Bay Water
Treatment Works on Lantau Island….

Descending from the reservoir we reach Victoria Road, where we have a look at two neighbouring but very different buildings. One is a
charming, if somewhat kitchy, private villa. The other used to be a special branch detention centre for political activists….

Heading northeast towards Kennedy Town, we might meet some of the fit elderly members of the Sai Wan Swimming Club, while we look for
the remnants of military batteries and squatter villages on both sides of the road.  

A number of buildings from the 1930’ies and 1950’ies can be found just inside the city boundary in Kennedy Town, but we also have to watch
out for the trams when we cross Cadogan Street. After a short walk along the waterfront, we climb Sands Street (by lift and escalartor) to
visit the Lo Pan Temple at Ching Lin Terrace. Built in 1884, the temple is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Chinese Builders and Contractors.

The walk ends at Kennedy Town station at 12:30 pm giving you a choice of catching a train home or grabbing lunch at one of Western’s many
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Hike Summary
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6 km
2 out of 10 (due to stairs)
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain: 225 metres#
Loss: 220 metres
  # 90 metres of which is covered by lifts and escalators.
Highest Point:
135 metres
Time Spent on Trail:
3 hours
Walking: 2.75 hours + Breaks: 0.25 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
9:30 am
at HKU Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
12:30 pm
at Kennedy Town Railway Station
Food & Drink:
Optional shared early lunch in Western at the end of the walk - not included.
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City Boundary Stone and Chiu Yuen Cemetery
Views from the Mount Davis Fresh Water Service Reservoir
Sai Wan Swimming Shed Pier
Lo Pan Temple and Tung Wah Smallpox Hospital Arch
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