... a harbour-crossing exploration of eastern Hong Kong's less glamorous sides....

The statistics show that Hong Kong is one of the safest countries in the world. Yet, over the years, it has still managed to produce a the
occasional sensational crime. This afternoon stroll will explore the scenes of some of these, but we will also visit bustling market streets, old
temples and a number of historical sites on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

Our first port of call is the old Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay. From there, we make our way eastwards past a murder scene and through
street markets to the working class neighbourhood of North Point, where we get a chance to rest our feet a little as we board the
cross-harbour ferry.

It might only be a 15-minute cruise away, but Kowloon's To Kwa Wan district is quite different from the northern shores of Hong Kong island.
It once played a major role in the colony's manufacturing industry, but these days the grimy factory buildings are - at best - half-empty and
awaiting their conversion into shiny new office towers or even middle-class condominiums. While the area is slowly being upgraded, there
remains a number of old tenement buildings in the area. Some of which has seen its fair share of unfortunate incidents.... Details about some
of these will be told over refreshments at a typical neighbourhood café.

We next head for Kowloon City, but not before satisfying
the wildest dreams of the rev-heads and grease-monkeys amongst the group by
peeking into a few of the hole-in-the-wall garages en route. Don't worry, there is also time for a bit of culture - in the form of a visit to a popular
artists' village.

Located right underneath the flight-path to Hong Kong's old airport at Kai Tak, Kowloon City used to be a fairly noisy old place. It was also
home to the Kowloon Walled City, an area not officially controlled by the British colonial powers and, subsequently, a lawless enclave where
all manners of vice flourished. The Walled City was torn down in the early nineties and became the wonderful park that we shall be visiting.

The old Kowloon City did, however, have one redeeming feature: An abundance of superb Thai restaurants. Thankfully, they are still there,
even if the planes have left, so we suggest ending our walk with an early dinner at one of these....
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Hike Summary
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this hike will take you.
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10 km
1 out of 10
Approx. Altitude Change:
Gain:  45 metres
Loss:  45 metres
Highest Point:
15 metres
Time Spent on Trail:
4.5 hours
Walking: 4 hours + Breaks: 0.5 hour
Meeting Time & Place:
2:00 pm
at Tin Hau Railway Station
Finishing Time & Place:
6:30 pm
in Kowloon City
Price for this urban hike as a Private Event on request
Food & Drink:
Refreshments at café en route.
Optional shared Thai dinner in Kowloon City at end of the walk -
not included.
It should be stressed that this is an "adults only" outing. Not only will we spend time in locales where under-18s
are actually denied entry, but the 'in-walk narrative' might also contain references and descriptions of a graphic,
violent, gratuitous and - even - sexual nature....
Klik her for at få det hele på dansk...
PS: Those interested in extending the walk a little are invited to join us after dinner for a 45-minute stroll through
the leafy suburb of Kowloon Tong to enjoy a digestive at a semi-dodgy bar in Mong Kok...
Temple dedicated to Tin Hau, the protectress of fishermen and seafarers...
Street markets in North Point
Former Government Supplies Depot buildings awaiting revitalization...
There's something for everybody on this walk...
Restaurants and housing in To Kwa Wan
Cans collected for recycling...
Hoi Shan Park & Kowloon Walled City Park
... exploring Hong Kong's darker side...
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