Hansen’s Events is a small outfit specializing in exploring that other Hong Kong on foot and bicycle – the aim is to get far
away from the shopping centres and skyscrapers which most people believe synonymous with Hong Kong for a true nature

Hansen's Events was founded by
Michael Hansen and has been arranging walks and bicycle rides for the YWCA of Hong
Kong, The Harvard Club of Hong Kong, the American Women's Association, The Australian Association, The Swedish
Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations for more than 10 years. Michael has covered literally thousands of
kilometres on and off the trails and footpaths of Hong Kong over the past many years and is looking forward to taking you
where few have gone before.

Hikes range from easy strolls on remote islands, such as Po Toi, via coastal walks like High Island Reservoir East
or the
Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, to challenging hikes up the Hong Kong mountains, e.g. Pat Sin Leng or Castle Peak. We can
even offer
"Stepless" Hikes through places like the Shing Mun Country Park or along the border with China.

Rides are bicycle outings that explore a great number of areas and landscapes which might otherwise be
inaccessible or hard to find. The routes include visits to the
wetlands in the northwestern New Territories, the villages and
farmland north of Tai Po, and the shores of the great eastern bays.

Photo Shoots are easy and leisurely strolls around some of Hong Kong’s most interesting and “photogenic” areas.
The aim is to really dive into the subject matter and end up with a collection of photos depicting both
known and hidden
sides to our small country.

We might spend most of our time roaming the countryside, but we are nevertheless also proud of our
Urban Hikes. Other
than a
history lesson and a glimpse into the daily life of ordinary Hong Kong people, our Urban Hikes are also a way to dive
into Hong Kong's darker and less glamourous sides. You will learn a little about
murders and murderers, corruption and

In other words, there should be something for everybody. Furthermore, which ever outing takes your fancy, the most
important thing is that we all enjoy a great day out, so there will be no looking at the watch but plenty of encouragement.  

Wherever possible Hansen's Events make full use of Hong Kong's unrivalled public transportation system, which also adds
to the authenticity of your experience.  Nonetheless, this being a world city, we can also arrange for participants on
Events to choose any means of transport they fancy.  All you have to do is ask....

Another important feature which gives our outings a very authentic feel is the fact that most break for lunch at a local
restaurant. These restaurants are all used to welcoming hikers and cyclists - indeed, some have been opened specifically to
cater to passing adventurers....

While many itineraries are described in detail on this
webpage, Hansen's Events can customize outings to suit individuals or
small groups as a means for you to get as much out of your time in Hong Kong as possible. Let us know where you want to
go or what you want to see or do and we will forward you a proposal for a
Private Event.

You will find our current schedule
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Michael Hansen, helping you explore Hong Kong's other side...
Known and lesser known sides to Hong Kong....
Come hiking in Hong Kong with Michael Hansen....
Hikes with something of interest for everybody....
Famous sights....
You are never far from the sea in Hong Kong....
Participants on all Hansen's Events' hikes and rides take part entirely at their own risk. By joining any of our events all participants are automatically seen to have
agreed to have entered into a disclaimer which exonerates the outing leaders and the organizers from any personal or public responsibility whatsoever and for any
claims, injuries or damages arising thereof.
Hansen's Events

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... exploring Hong Kong's other side...
Hansen's Hikes & Rides
by Hansen's Events
Due to work commitments, holidays and other personal issues,
Hansen's Hikes & Rides has decided to
SUSPEND all operations until further notice.

Apologizing for any inconvenience caused,
we hope to partially resume our outings towards the end of the year.